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An Awesome New Collaboration Hits the Brody Stage!


Saturday September 27th

Event Horizon

Our collaborations with Brainwaves are always amazing. So here we come with another original show directed by Brainwaves founder Daryl Olson, featuring members of that group and our own ensemble. The surface of a black hole is known as the Event Horizon and what happens beyond this boundary is completely unknown. The same is true of improvisational theater—we commit to the unknown. “Event Horizon” is a journey into the mystery and humor of human  relationships. We begin with a life altering event, jump back in time to learn more about each character, then jump back forward  to discover together what comes next and how the characters’ lives are forever changed. (There’s a glitch on our site we haven’t been able to fix so please ignore the text saying “all seats $8.” The correct price is below.) 

Show @ 7:30pm // Doors @ 7:00pm $12 adult // $9 student/senior


Brody Theater is a colorful & creative space decorated with wild classic movie posters and peopled with a community of talented improvisers, stand-up comedians, storytellers and otherwise like-minded creative folks. Join us for a variety of expertly performed Improvisational Theater, stand up comedy, sketch shows and more!


Brody Theater has a terrific food menu and a KILLER BAR! Our culinary trained chef and rock & roll bartenders offer delicious food and drink specials weekly.


Improvisational Theater is the heart of this cool joint. The Brody’s double focus—on entertainment and experiment—marks it as a showcase for both audience-pleasing performances and cutting edge theatrical presentation. Our ensemble is alive with well trained and enthusiastic professionals. Each show is a spontaneous and one of a kind performance full of fun, laughter & drama. Click on our shows tab to see what is on the calendar and plan yourself a night out at Brody Theater!  

Open to all ages

With very rare exceptions, we’re open to all ages. We don’t censor language, and most of our shows are improvised, so we make no promises. We are not about rough language just for the sake of laughs, but we say what needs to be said. We have a full bar, food and soft drinks.

Give the gift of Improv!

Improv shows and classes are great gifts!  You can get gift certificates in any amount, or give an improv class (a one-night workshop or a full multi-week class), or our standup or sketch comedy class.  Contact us so we can tailor your gift for your loved one.